shop restocks almost every Saturday at 1pm US Pacific Time! ♡
shop restocks almost every Saturday at 1pm US Pacific Time! ♡
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Do you take custom or commissioned orders?

Unfortunately, I do not take custom orders.  I wish I could, but taking custom orders does not fit into my business model and schedule right now!

If I ever do take custom orders again, they will be announced on my shop Instagram account, @narwhalcarouselco.  If customs are open and you want a custom creation, we will work out the details of what you want and how I price custom orders. Please keep in mind that I typically do not make pet portraits, or any human figurines. I will not under any circumstances make licensed characters (for example, Disney, Pusheen, or other cartoon characters). Licensed characters are the property of their maker and and are typically covered by copyright laws. Not only is this a legal concern but it is completely unfair to the original maker to rip off their designs! I will happily tweak my own designs for custom orders :)

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping typically ranges from around $3 to $6 USD within the United States, and typically ranges from $10-20 USD for untracked international orders.  Your shipping rate will be automatically calculated based on the weight of the package and where it is going!  

Smaller sticker-only orders (usually up to 8-9 sheets) ship free within the United States, and for USD $1 internationally!  This free/low cost option is for stamped letter mail that isn't tracked, but typically arrives in 2-10 days within the United States, and within a few weeks internationally.

Do you ship to the UK or EU/why is my country not listed as being able to ship to/why can't I buy certain items?

I am not currently shipping to some countries, due to regulations, including the UK and EU due to trade restrictions.  In addition, some products, such as stuffed animals, have very specific regulations surrounding them that keep me from shipping them to certain countries, or even certain US states!  

Why are the new pieces posted on social media not in your shop?

New pieces are typically added to the shop every Saturday at 1pm US Pacific Time - if you aren't able to find new pieces, it's because they either aren't posted yet (if it's before 1pm on Saturday), or they have already all sold out (if it's after 1pm on Saturday).  New pieces often sell out in less than 10 minutes from posting, especially really popular pieces.  So if you have a piece that you really want, you're more likely to be able to snag it if you shop right at update time!

How many of each piece do you make?

Each of my pieces is one-of-a-kind and only made once!  While I often revisit similar concepts, I find I'm not super talented in copying a piece and making it look *exactly* the same.  Even though this is a little frustrating sometimes, I think it makes each piece a little more special 

I ordered a creature, but then wanted another item from your shop too a few hours or a day later and had to pay shipping again! Do I get that shipping back?

I typically will refund shipping if the overage is above USD $2. However, if I've already shipped out the first order before I get the second one in, obviously I will send you a completely separate second package since the first one is already on its way! If you order two items that just don't pack well together, I may send two separate packages to make sure both are sent as safely as possible!  The "Shop Policies" page also has more detailed information on shipping multiple orders together.

Do you send out those mini frogs you're sharing on social media with any order?

I try to send out teeny baby frogs, birds, pumpkins, or other mini figurines as order "freebies" as often as I can, just as an extra thank-you to those who order!  These are placed randomly in orders, but I try to choose a mini that compliments the piece ordered!  These definitely aren't guaranteed but I really, really make it a priority to include them in orders!  Please note, polymer clay minis (like baby seals) are only sent out with polymer clay figurine orders (as opposed to with charms, stickers, or other products).  This is just because these minis need the protection of the figurine's packaging and don't ship well with my other products.  Thank you for your understanding - I wish I could send them with other products but they just don't ship well with my other products!

How do you price your items/why are your figurines so expensive for how small they are?

I price my items based on materials used and time spent creating the item. I try to "pay myself" minimum wage for the state I live in! Please keep in mind that these are not mass-produced items; I put an enormous amount of individualized care and detail into every single creation.  I often sell my animal figurines at less than minimum wage an hour for my work, particularly if I know it's a well-loved design that I want to make more affordable/available to more people.

Why are your creations considered "fragile"/What if my item arrives broken or breaks during normal use?

I make my figurines out of polymer clay, which is a oven-bake clay. It is sturdy but is still considered a fragile material and should be treated similarly to an item made out of ceramic or porcelain. For that reason my figurines and charms are not intended for use as children's toys or for use in harsh conditions, and I cannot be held responsible for damages to items that are treated without care.
I try my very best to package items well, and less than 1% of items break during shipping. If one does happen to break, let me know and send me pictures of the damages and I would be happy to refund the order upon receiving the item back.  As my shop policies state, I accept returns if you contact me within 14 days of receiving the item, and send it back within 30 days, so if your item has an issue before then, let me know! 

Will you hold an item for me?/Do you take reservations?

Unfortunately, I do not hold reservations, neither for items currently in my shop, nor for items previewed on the @narwhalcarouselco Instagram page.  I constantly get asked to hold items and I've found it's fairest overall not to hold items, as I typically have only one of each item (and often multiple people who want it). For items previewed on @narwhalcarouselco on Instagram, I do not hold items before updates because I find it's fairest overall to anyone who might want an item to not place holds. I wish everyone who wanted an item could have one, but I have limited critters and I have found a "no-holds" policy makes it fairest for everyone!

What are your figurines made of?

My little animal figurines are primarily made of polymer clay (I like the Sculpey Premo brand!).  I also use different pigments, chalk pastels, and acrylic paint to give them additional color, and I seal them to lock all the colors and make them matte or shiny, depending on the piece (I typically photograph before applying shiny sealant, to cut down on photo glare).  I use Varathane Polyurethane Water Based Crystal Clear sealant, which is meant for sealing wood but works super well for polymer clay too!